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“Our project was a little unusual but Seig and his team were able to communicate this very effectively to their network. This ensured not only a successful fundraising but also long term commercial relationships which have been invaluable.”
Henry Guy Stevens, Founder & Chairman, QXE Industries Limited

“The atmosphere was intimate and friendly, and the IT people were competent (which I have to say is not my experience on most such occasions). I was very struck by the variety of interesting people who were there. So, very many thanks for letting us join you to sell our wares. Not only did we enjoy ourselves, but we have made some useful contacts. Many thanks.”
General Sir Timothy Granville-Chapman, GBE KCB, Grosvenor Estate, The Duke of Westminster’s Office.

“I can highly recommend the Ton experience. Their network is very strong and critically it is with individuals who are actively looking to invest and are not wasting time. The event is beautifully presented and expertly managed on the day with a professional team. However, this is much more than just a high net worth get together / networking event – these are serious investors and very entrepreneurial. We raised over £1m from our presentation at the event and post meetings were swift with funding received within six weeks. It’s like very sophisticated crowd funding but with better wine!”
David Spencer-Percival, Founder & CEO, Rosemary Water
Entrepreneur of the Year, National Business Awards

“I was fortunate enough to speak at one of the first Ton events about cyber security and other physical threats facing high net worth individuals and families. Seig pulled together an amazing group of highly successful people who not only enjoyed the fascinating presentations but also the opportunity to share their experiences and concerns about succeeding in these challenging times. I would strongly recommend anyone who gets the chance to attend or speak at one of these Ton events to do so.”
Ed Butler CBE, DSO, Executive Director & Senior Advisor, SRM

“We were fortunate enough to be introduced to Seig, who gave us an honest and insightful evaluation of our business and our chances of investment. As a result of Seig’s unrivalled contacts, knowledge and acumen we were able to complete our investment round very quickly, with Seig assisting to make sure that we met investors with relevant experience and skill sets to make a real difference. Since our investment round, our company has enjoyed astonishing growth with Seig remaining in close contact and now advising on the next stage of our funding requirements. I couldn’t recommend Seig highly enough; he is supportive, helpful and shows great empathy and understanding. We couldn’t have got where we are if it wasn’t for Seig’s help and we consider him a trusted advisor and friend.”
Dan O’Connell, Founder & Chairman, Red Storm Agency

“Over the years I have worked alongside many start-ups, entrepreneurs and investors. As part of our first serious capital raise we explored a number of processes and reached to a number of VCs and brokers as a means of finding the right partner for our capital raise. We were introduced to a very charismatic and effective relationship specialist, Seig, who took a personal interest in our process and ensured that we were matched with a team of great investors, advisors and influencers. The process could not be more seamless with great returns on the investment. We were not just looking for cash, we were looking for value adding capital and really found that in Seig and his team.”
Orlando Agrippa, Founder & CEO, Draper & Dash

“Seig has a tremendous Rolodex of family offices and investment personnel. Seig is very thorough on his due diligence of those who pitch investment ideas and has a great rapport with the families at the events. The added due diligence and the environment he creates with investors through the events makes it easy to do business with Seig and potential investors. I would highly recommend Seig to others who are looking to raise money, due to his professionalism, fun nature and his ability to deliver.”
Rahul Mehta, Family Director, ParkerLloyd Group

“We had a most successful and enjoyable experience with Seig during our last funding round; a most unique way of connecting with influencers and potential investors that form part of Seig’s personal worldwide network of business leaders and founders. We would not hesitate in recommending Seig services to other entrepreneurs and welcome the opportunity of working with his team again.”
Mick Newton, Co-Founder & CEO, Live & Loud

“Seig was invaluable in helping to guide our early fundraising efforts. Always honest in his approach with us and potential investors, ensuring that we were well prepared to discuss areas of interest. The events we held were always enjoyable and insightful and we have built long lasting relationships with many of the contacts he introduced us to.”
Martin Ijaha, Co-Founder & CEO, Neyber

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